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Khalid Khan Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Welcome, Student Ambassadors!



Khalid Khan, Developer Relations Engineer

Khalid is the Developer Relations Engineer at Codiga. He is passionate about Software Engineering. Startups and Developer Advocacy. He is also an MLH Coach and Organizer & Member to numerous Hackathons & Developer communities

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We launched our student ambassador program last week, and we are excited to welcome our first batch of ambassadors. With the student ambassador program, we aim to uplift our contributors who add value to the community by using Codiga in their day-to-day coding life. Students are an essential part of the community, and we want these passionate students to be recognized for their contributions.

Student Ambassador Onboarding

To kickstart our program, we held a virtual onboarding meet and greet for student ambassadors where Julien, our founder, explained the company's goals mission & history. He explained the problem we as a company are solving and how by using our product, developers can become even more productive by using Smart Code Snippets. If you want to know more about Smart Code Snippets, please refer to this article.

We also had a quick round of introductions where all the student ambassadors introduced themselves along with their favourite programming language. Followed by a quick ice-breaker game, where we heard a couple of exciting stories & incidents, including the legend of the broken ice-cream machines at McD(Just kidding).

Then, Khalid, our Developer Advocate, explained the importance of student programs to all the ambassadors and how we can provide value to all the student ambassadors. He went through all the personal experiences he had while being involved in student programs & communities in the past. He spoke about how being involved in student programs changed his career trajectory.

We also had a quick demo of the product, i.e. Code Reviews & Code Assistant. We also talked about the gamification we are about to bring in the next update. When discussing Coding Assistant, we emphasized being a Non-AI Code assistant and how it is made enterprise-ready. And also about the chrome extension update, which will cover most of the online IDEs like Replit & Code Sandbox.

We have six excellent student ambassadors in our first class.

  1. Ashwin Kumar : Ashwin is a third-year engineering student from the Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology, Hyderabad, India. He is passionate about communities. He is the founder and current lead of HackClub Hackerabad. He is also a Judge and Mentor at MLH, Community Manager at Community Classroom and a CodeChef Chapter Leader. Hackathons and Student-run Communities are what drives him in the developer space.

  2. Uttam Kumar : Uttam is pursuing a bachelor's in Computer Science Engineering from Chandigarh University. He is also a Microsoft Engage Mentee & loves contributing to Open source projects.

  3. Rahul Sharma : Rahul is pursuing a bachelor's in Information & Technology from Bhilai Institute of Technology, Durg. He is a big supporter of learning together and learning in public. He likes to try his hands on various technologies in different domains. On a side note, He is a big-time Detroit Pistons fan.

  4. Vaibhav Agrawal : Vaibhav Agrawal is a third-year engineering student from Shri Shankaracharya Technical Campus, Bhilai. He is a Computer science student who turned into a designer. He has been a UI/UX Designer & Frontend Web developer for three years. He also takes design work for freelance on Upwork & Freelancer.

  5. Anubhav Gupta : Anubhav is pursuing a B.Tech(CSE) from Jaypee University of Information and Technology. He has been a part of various open-source and tech communities. He is very passionate about technologies and always curious to explore new things.

  6. Chhavi Garg : Chhavi is pursuing B.Tech(CSE) from Amity University, Noida. She is into DevRel and Community management. She has a great experience with tech communities for two years. She is a people person and loves connecting with new folks.

A few common traits among all the student ambassadors are leadership, a positive attitude, and good communication skills. They are all expressive and keep on buzzing us with unique ideas.

We have a dedicated page on our website with more information here.

With the student ambassador program, they will not only advocate Codiga in local communities but will also connect the community to the company. We will also provide them value in terms of resources and mentorship.

We are impressed by the student ambassadors as they’ve formed a good peer group who are all willing to learn and achieve something big. They all are excited and motivated to work in the startup ecosystem.

As Student Ambassadors, they will be doing the following tasks.

  1. Advocate Codiga in local communities
  2. Adopt Codiga in their project
  3. Write blogs and tutorials about Codiga
  4. Speak at conferences about Codiga
  5. Conduct/Mentor Events and Hackathons
  6. Make demo applications and use cases using smart code snippets.

As a token of appreciation, we will send them some awesome Codiga swags & they will also receive the following benefits as a part of the program.

  1. Internship opportunities from Codiga
  2. Gift cards for top performers
  3. Swag support from Codiga for tech-centric events
  4. Letter of Recommendation
  5. Access to Codiga paid plans

We are very excited to work with the student ambassadors as these Students have great minds and innovation, and we strive to have the brightest minds from universities all around the globe. With the Codiga student program, they will be able to work, network, and communicate directly with the Codiga core team and other student community ambassadors.

We will be onboarding more folks, which are scheduled after three months. You can apply and learn more about the program here.

Welcome on board Student Ambassadors.

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