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Code Snippets

Create, use and share smart code snippets with your team and all developers!

  • Create and find code snippets from your IDE
  • Manage Code Snippets from your desktop
  • Share private code snippets with your team
  • Access to Codiga Hub: the largest library of Code Snippets
Get Codiga Code Snippets
code snippets
code snippets in your IDE

Code Snippets in your IDE

Find code snippets in your IDE easily:

  • Code Snippets search: search public and private code snippets based on keywords. Ideal when you want to browse snippets before adding them.
  • Inline completion: type a comment with the keywords you are looking for, and Codiga suggests code snippets to insert.
  • Shortcuts: use a code snippets shortcut to trigger. This is the best option for repetitive code snippets.

Explore Code Snippets

Search Smart Code Snippets

Explore and find code snippets easily in the snippet search panel for Visual Studio. Press CMD + SHIFT + C on Mac or ALT + SHIFT + C on Windows to open the snippet search and insert snippets in your IDE.


search smart code snippets
create smart code snippets

Create Smart Code Snippets

Creating a code snippet has never be easier. Select the code you want to share, right-click and create a snippet in your IDE or browser.

Codiga Smart Code Snippets are contextual and configurable for a language, library, and specific filename pattern.


Get Codiga Code Snippets

Code Snippets from your Browser

Ever thought about saving code snippets when browsing the web? Either a public repository or your team repository, we all thought about keeping some good code samples for later!

Codiga makes it easy to save code snippets from your browser. Select the code, right click and find your snippets anywhere: in your IDE or your desktop.

Chrome Code Snippets Extension

code snippets from your browser
code snippets for desktop

Code Snippets for desktop

All your public and private snippets and cookbooks in your desktop. Install the Codiga app for your prefered operating system.

Get Code Snippet Manager

Code Snippets from the Web

Have you ever wanted to save code snippets while browsing the web? With Codiga, select the code snippet you want to save, right-click and save it!

Chrome Code Snippets Extension

Code Snippets from the Web
share code snippets with your team

Share Code Snippets with your team

Not all code snippets should be shared publicly. With Codiga, save code snippets privately and share them with your team.

Shared code snippets are imported into your team IDE and desktop app, making them available in seconds without leaving the IDE.

Works in your IDE

Works in your browser

Works in your desktop

Browse, share, favorite, and copy curated smart code snippets from the Codiga's database.

Explore Codiga Hub
codiga hub
codiga hub
hub search

More than 1.000 code snippets from Codiga’s database

Browse, share, favorite, and copy curated smart code snippets from Codiga’s database.

Explore Codiga Hub

Upvote and comment code snippets from the community

Browse, share, favorite, and copy curated smart code snippets from Codiga’s database.

Explore Code Snippets
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