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Static Code Analysis for JetBrains

The best static code analysis engine

  • Real-Time Code Analysis
  • OWASP and CWE 25 support
  • Automated code fix
  • Add your own static code analysis rules
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static code analysis: JetBrains
real-time code analysis

Real-Time code analysis

Codiga analyzes code in JetBrains at each code change according to the rulesets configured in your codiga.yml file. Each analysis takes less than 500 ms and comes with automated code fixes.

Get started by:

  1. Installing the plugin
  2. Add rulesets in your codiga.yml file

And get real-time feedback in your IDE along with automated fixes.

Explore Rulesets on the Codiga HubInstall Codiga for JetBrains

Automated code fix

Code Analysis rules come with automated fixes. Apply automatic code fixes in a single click within your IDE.

Add your own code analysis rules on Codiga and program automated fix to help your team enforce your coding guidelines.

automated code fix
easy to configure

Easy to configure

Install the Codiga app for Visual Studio, and create a codiga.yml of your project to define your rulesets, or explore the Codiga Hub to find curated rulesets to use.

Explore Open-source Rules

Create new static analysis rules

Create your static analysis rules and share them publicly on the Codiga Hub or privately with your team. All code analysis rules work across the set of Codiga tools, either in IDEs (VSCode, JetBrains, VisualStudio) or platforms (GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket).

create new static analysis rules

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