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The Codiga VS Code Extension lets you integrate the Coding Assistant and Code Analysis engine directly in VS Code. No need to install multiple tools or wait the pull requests: all analysis results come directly in your development environment.

Quick Start

The Codiga plugin is available on the VS Code marketplace. You can find it directly within VS Code, in the Extensions section as shown below.

vscode marketplace

Static Code Analysis

Get Codiga Static Code Analysis directly in your preferred IDE. All you need is our plugin and a codiga.yml file in your project's root directory.

Step 1

Run the following command in your terminal (at your project's root directory) to choose rulesets and have a codiga.yml created for you with your chosen rulesets in it.

1npx @codiga/cli@latest ruleset-add

* Requires Node.js installed.

Step 2

Check your code in your IDE in real time on every keystroke.

vs code static code analysis step 3

Coding Assistant

Just type CMD ⌘ + SHIFT ⇧ + C [For Mac] & CTRL + ALT + C [FOR WINDOWS] enter what you are looking for: Codiga finds appropriate reusable code patterns ready to import in your IDE. Use CMD ⌘ + SHIFT ⇧ + S [For Mac] & CTRL + ALT + S [FOR WINDOWS] to find appropriate shortcuts directly onto your IDE.

vscode marketplace

Creating and sharing a code snippet has never been easier: select the text, right click and select Create Codiga Snippet.

vscode marketplace

Connect your Codiga Account

If you want to use the snippets, cookbooks or other parameters from your Codiga account, you need to connect your API token. To create an API Token, go to the API token section of the Codiga platform and add your API Token in VS Code, as shown below.

vscode configuration

You can check that the API connection is working using the command "Codiga: Test API connection" (⇧⌘P).

vscode test api


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